Cresta is the economic organizer for NES.

Cresta has its origins in early work for the new economic system developed for a political party in the 1990's this was then called CreState - but was contracted to CreSta - or cresta - this predated the development of the financial operation Crest by some years and has no relation to it.

But it may be worth comparing it - because while Crest is an operator in the current economic and financial system - Cresta has its place in the new economic and financial system being constructed to relieve Earth of a system that is the process of destroying it.

It appears that the general consensus is that the only way out of this force of human nature is by new technology - those looking for reassurance in this direction should consult Invent.

Cresta is a system that is based on the contemporary form of the gold standard. But this time not based on gold or oil or any material that involves Earth's exploitation, but on the valuation of pure aspects of Life's power of invention, formulation and elaboration- in Cresta, continuously generated through the composition MetaPhysica Empirica III.

Cresta maintains a hold on reality that can be translated though all aspects of the broad economy through its integration with the Total World Value.

Within Cresta to operate this wide range the processes are being establised



mcv through icv
Site in Construction
Uxv has the role of providing exhange and transfer channels between ucv,icv,mcv,bcv pcv and ecv.
Union Exchange Value with a central cylindrical sphere of operation
Use of Co-Pro and Allcha
Far Operation linking with A,D And G-groups
Qdp base operation for full Cresta
Dense operator of elems
Link to Overal operations from SuperHouse
Greater and Group operations with MB