CrestIme is an integration of Cresta - the operation of the new economic system and IME ( Industria Metaphysica Empirica) - the realisation of a practical spirituality for our time.

Clearly this is one of the most profound developments possible - but it is only that which has been promised as long ago as the Industrial Revolution in its prime to the full activation of the electronics age, but has been continually let down by the economic system.

The economic system that relies totally on the exploitation of the resources of the Planet itself as the means of valuation of all aspects of life, invention and innovation; has continually thwarted this promise.

It is this system that has brought about the present crisis, and in fact has been coming for some time since 1972. The new economic system takes its base from the most important element of life - the processes of invention and the structures and sources of inspiration generated by life itself.